Teaching in Nature


Teaching in Nature - Final Report Available from Scottish Natural Heritage at:

SNH Commissioned Report 779: Teaching, learning and play in the outdoors: a survey of school and pre-school provision in Scotland

Pages: 50 Published: 2015
Commissioned/Research report

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Follow-on Project: Learning in Local Greenspace

Learning in Local Greenspace is a priority project in the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy Route Map. The aim is to get pupils learning in the outdoors regularly and often by 2020. It will involve over 100 schools serving some of the most disadvantaged areas in Scotland across 10 local authorities.


Impact Report – Independent evaluation:

Impact Report

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See:www.researchgate.net/profile/Greg_Mannion Or: stir.academia.edu/GregMannion Or: www.stir.ac.uk/people/11039

Related Report

Mannion G, Mattu, L. & Wilson, M. (2015) Teaching, learning, and play in the outdoors: a survey of school and pre-school provision in Scotland. Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report, 779. Scottish Natural Heritage. www.snh.org.uk/pdfs/publications/commissioned_reports/779.pdf

Outputs: Peer-reviewed Papers

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